Volkswagen ID.3 GTX is the Golf GTI's electric brother

Equipped with 322bhp and more torque than a Golf R, primed to rival the likes of Cupra.

2024 Volkswagen ID3 GTX
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Volkswagen has expanded its growing range of performance-oriented electric vehicles by introducing a GTX version of the ID.3 hatchback, positioning it as the electric equivalent of the iconic Golf GTI.

Equipped as standard, the ID.3 GTX houses Volkswagen's most advanced APP550 electric motor on its rear axle, boasting a power output of 282bhp, a significant jump from the standard model's 201bhp.

The torque output has seen an even more remarkable increase, with the electric motor generating 402lb ft, surpassing the Volkswagen Golf R's 310lb ft by a wide margin.

An even more potent ID.3 GTX Performance variant tops the range, delivering 322bhp and achieving a 0-62mph sprint in just 5.6 seconds, marking it as Volkswagen's fastest-accelerating electric vehicle thus far.

2024 Volkswagen ID3 GTX Front View

Anticipation for the ID.3 GTX has been building since the electric vehicle's debut in 2019, and its launch closely follows the unveiling of the Cupra Born VZ, which shares its technical specifications.

This version of the ID.3 also introduces an enhanced steering setup aimed at providing "greater precision," and the Performance model benefits from an updated Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) system, akin to the one found in the Golf GTI. This system incorporates additional sensors for monitoring wheel movement, thus elevating the vehicle's ride and handling capabilities.

The GTX's battery capacity has been slightly increased to 79kWh from the standard 77kWh, allowing for a claimed range of up to 373 miles on the standard GTX model, although this figure may decrease slightly with the Performance pack.

The vehicle supports DC fast charging up to 175kW, enabling a 10-80% charge in just under 30 minutes.

2024 Volkswagen ID3 GTX Interior

Design-wise, the ID.3 GTX adopts a subtly more aggressive aesthetic, featuring a new GTX-specific front bumper, distinctive LED 'arrowhead' daytime running lights, black gloss trim, and a rear diffuser, complemented by 20-inch wheels as standard.

The interior draws inspiration from the Golf GTI, incorporating sports seats with red stitching and GTX branding, alongside a 12.3-inch infotainment screen updated with Volkswagen's latest software.

While Volkswagen has not yet disclosed the price of the new model, it is expected that the ID.3 GTX will start at around £45,000.

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